Easy Tips on How to Write Personal Narrative Essay

Writing about personal experiences often proves a challenging task for students. unlike common academic essays, personal narrative essays are not limited to a specific format and call for quality narration skills to create a captivating story. 

What is a personal narrative? How do you go about writing one? This article will highlight various tips to help you write a compelling narrative essay that earns you quality scores. 

What is a personal narrative essay?

A personal narrative essay is a paper that shares your personal experiences or covers an idea from your point of view. These essays may highlight a lesson you learned or an experience that changed your view of the world. 

Structure of a personal narrative essay

The personal narrative format comprises the introduction, the body, and a conclusion. 

The introduction

Like all academic papers, the introduction for a personal narrative essay should show your thesis statement and start with a hook that pulls your reader into reading the essay. The thesis statement should not be similar to that of academic papers, but rather a suggestion of the problem, inspiring the reader to engage your paper for the outcome. 

However, the introduction should end with a transition to connect your thesis with the body. E.g.,

Had you told me that I would let my team down and feel great about it before the game, I would have laughed. How would I ever accommodate failure especially when my friends had come to watch the game? We had set out to play our neighboring school, hoping to parlay our success in the regionals to this friendly. Little did I know that this game would change my perspective on life, and make me appreciate victories that were not documented or indicated on a scoreboard.

The body

The body of your thesis should contain at least three paragraphs. Each paragraph should have a topic sentence and a supporting statement, and complement other paragraphs to elaborate on the event you are narrating.

Also, be keen to use the first-person participle in your narration and to use quotations when repeating the words that were uttered by one of your characters. Some portions may take a dialogue approach, breaking the monotony of narration and hooking your reader to your story. 

The conclusion

The conclusion bears much weight in personal narrative writing. This section ties down your key takeaway, often through narrating the climax of your story and reiterating the change brought about by an experience.

What makes a personal narrative compelling?

A look at multiple samples of personal narrative essays will show you the difference between a good essay and a bad one. Some essays will capture your attention from start to stop while others seem okay. What are the tips to write a compelling narrative essay? 

  1. Plan your essay 

An essay outline allows you to put your story into perspective, organizing various themes, characters, and events in a manner that ensures a smooth flow. Your plan should build up to your climax, with events organized into an introduction, a body, and a conclusion.

How did the story start? How was each event connected to the other? How did the story end? What important realization did you make? Answer all these questions in your plan to stay on track with your line of narration.

  1. Vivid description

Your story should evoke emotional responses with vivid descriptions that paint an image of the events and experiences you encountered. Also, define your emotions in various scenarios, helping a reader to connect with your story.

  1. Dialogue

Dialogue often breaks the monotony of your essay and helps your reader to visualize your interactions with various characters. However, find a balance of dialogue and narration, blending in dialogue to highlight crucial interactions in the story. 

  1. Introduction

How you introduce your essay is a crucial determinant of the effect you cause on your audience. Ideally, start at a crucial point where you were facing various consequences and flashback to the beginning. 

Final take

Writing a personal narrative essay should not cause you a severe headaches. This guide should come in handy, helping you manage your essay quickly, without compromising the quality of your arguments. Feel free to consult our experts for guidance on the challenging aspects of your essay. 

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