The Children's Mite


Discipleship and Mentorship Program

in the Ministry of The Children’s Mite” and “House Shalom


It is Christ Jesus Who assigns “sheep” to a fold (or ministry).  In Jesus’ earthly ministry, he delivered a young man from demon spirits. After his deliverance, he wanted to follow Jesus’ ministry, but Christ Jesus directed him to go elsewhere. TCM has been receiving MANY requests from the children of God to work in this ministry and/or to be mentored. Most requests are not the will of God to be a part of this specific ministry because He had other plans for them.  That is where mentorship comes in.  Mentorship is nothing more than a discipleship program.  With the increase of request to be a part of TCM’s ministry, mentorship must take place prior to serving in any capacity of TCM/House Shalom.

For those who wish to work in the ministry of TCM/House Shalom, mentorship is a requirement and the following prerequisites MUST be met!


  1. MUST be a born-again Believer in Christ Jesus.
  2. MUST go through a deliverance session with Evangelist King, Deliverance Pastor † A Female Exorcist, and is maintaining your deliverance according to James 4:7. Refer to video at
  3. MUST apply yourself to prayer for the ministries.
  4. MUST apply yourself in hearing and meditating in the Word of God through the teaching audio and video messages on all the ministries’ programs. By doing so, not only will the Holy Spirit reveal Jesus Christ’s heart to you, but Evangelist King’s as well.
  5. I understand that once mentorship has been completed, working in the ministry of TCM/House Shalom, does not guarantee me a paid position and TCM/House Shalom is not responsible for paying volunteers and my participation is STRICTLY voluntary.
IF you meet (and agree to) all the prerequisites, then feel free to contact Evangelist King at exorcist@HolyGhostFIRE.usShalom †



Updated: 11/14/18